Belgian-Finished Solid Kiln Dried French Oak Flooring

Solid Kiln Dried French Oak Flooring

Rustic/Feature Grade

This flooring is grown, lumbered and kiln dried in France.

Now available in two versions of solid French Oak:

1. Standard 195mm x 20mm, T&G, and end matched, sanded and filled (saving time and money on the installation), Rustic/ Feature Grade and lengths between 1.5m and 3.5m. This is processed and milled in Belgium.

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Kiln Dried Solid French Oak Flooring

Rustic/Feature Grade

We have a new and exciting source of GENUINE solid French Oak, 100% grown, sourced, milled and kiln dried in France! Our standard size is a beautiful wide board, 195mm x 20mm, with lengths from 1.6m to 2.4m with lengths from 1.5m to 2.5m.  There is also available, long lengths from 3.0m to 4.1m, at pro rata costing..

The natural patina, grain and texture of this French Oak is so beautiful, the Installers and Colouring Craftsmen who work with on projects can’t get enough of it. Our Kiln Dried French Oak is Rustic Grade (Europe Sawn Timber Grading), or equivalent to Feature Grade (Australian Timber Grading). It will have a range of knots, grain, rays and other features, which is all part of the charm and patina that is French Oak. Higher grades of hand selected French Oak boards are available, at premium pricing. [Read more…]

Solid European Oak Parquetry

We have in stock a large range of Solid European Oak Parquetry, in Herringbone (rectangular block), and Chevron, (Point de Hongrie (Fr), or Hungarian Point).

Herringbone sizes: 600x100x19, 625x125x19, 400x80x19, smaller sizes available upon request.
Chevron sizes: 600/500x100x19, 680/600x80x19.

This is genuine European Oak, 100% grown, sourced and milled in Europe
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Solid Kiln Dried American Oak Flooring

Our solid American Oak flooring comes to us by way of direct supply from the U.S. Regularly in stock, and on-going supply, combined with local re-milling, guarantee a beautiful end product for the large or small project on a budget. Our U.S. mill partner works with some of the great forests of America, providing an FSC-certified, kiln dried lumber.

Our American Oak flooring is Rustic Grade or Prime Grade (U.S. Grading System), T&G and end matched (up to and including 180mm x 19mm floor boards), and T&G for longer and wider boards. [Read more…]

Recycled French Oak Cladding

Our Recycled French Oak cladding is sourced a number of ways, from our travels through France:

1.  The exposed face of post & beam material, which has been cut from the beam to create our re-milled, Recycled French Oak flooring.

2.  External and internal wall cladding, carefully salvaged from the Industrial Forest by our partners.

3.  The top face of Antique French Oak Flooring, re-milled to create a new face to old floorboards, with the Original Patina preserved and renewed.

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Industrial Original Patina French Oak Parquetry

This parcel of Industrial Original Patina French Oak Parquetry was sourced from the machine parts assembly room of a factory in France, which first began its life as a munitions factory, hence the wooden floor. Featuring the original, dark textured, thick, low sheen lacquer, some of which is starting to gently peel, revealing Prime Grade French Oak underneath (which is amazing).

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Recycled Australian Hardwood Horse Stud Fencing

We currently have a large stock (approx 15,000 Lm ) of 125 x 38 Recycled mixed hardwood available (random length), this timber is between 50 to 70 years old.

Can be supplied to meet specific order amounts.
There are a number of different finishes to be purchased:
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Genuine French Oak Boards from France

Genuine French Oak Boards from France
Engineered Vintage Distressed
Size: 220mm x 21mm
Quantity: 40m2 available
Price: WAS $285.00/m2 + GST
NOW $199.00/m2 + GST
Location: Salvage Garage
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Warehouse Original Face Parquetry Block

Just Arrived
Sourced from a former wallpaper and print factory and warehouse facility in Lyon, this Original Face Recycled French Oak Parquetry is estimated at 190 years old. The Parquetry Block contains amazing rich smoked brown and grey tones, and some interesting paint and print spills randomly throughout. 345mm x 55mm x 20mm, fully re-milled and available for immediate installation, this parcel will not last long.  Perfect for that feature room, conservatory, or formal lounge and dining area.
Size: Currently 345 x 55 x 20 mm
Quantity: 60 m2
Price: $350 /m2 + GST, supplied
Location: Salvage Garage
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Original Face Block Parquetry – JUST ARRIVED

We have just secured 260m2 of this amazing French Oak flooring. Lifted from a former art gallery in Switzerland, this beautiful Parquetry is fully original, even down to the tar that was used to glue it 200 years ago.
Size: Currently 400 x 80 x 20
Quantity: 198 m2
Price: $350 /m2 + GST, supplied
Location: Salvage Garage


This exotic species features amazing colour variation.
Quantity: Only 25m2 left
Size: Shorter lengths, up to 1.8m long. Excellent for internal cladding applications.
Price: $150.00 /m2 + GST, supplied
Location: Salvage Garage

Recycled Australian Hardwood Planks

These are antique ironbark planks, sourced from an old barn here in Australia. Beautifully greyed in appearance.
Size: Up to 200mm wide, 25mm thick, long lengths.
Size: 20m2 available. $175.00 /m2 + GST, supplied
Location: Salvage Garage

Recycled French Oak Stair Nosings

Recycled French Oak
Size: 40mm, rounded edge.
Price: $240.00 / lineal metre + GST, supplied
Location: Salvage Garage.

New French Oak Parquetry Panels

Beautiful French Oak Versailles Parquetry Panels
Sourced and made only from Europe.
Size: 590 x 590mm, 866 x 866mm, 1000 x 1000m.
Price: $150.00 /m2 + GST, supplied
Location: Salvage Garage

Teak Boards

Secured during our last visit to India, supply of these boards, cannot, unfortunately, be repeated.
Size: 120-150mm wide, long lengths (up to 3m). Original Boards.
Quantity: 50m2 available
Price: $250.00 /m2 + GST, supplied
Location: Salvage Garage

Teak Decking

Imported from India!!!
Size: A Grade 65 x 17 and 60 x 17, long lengths
Price: $250.00 /m2 + GST, supplied
Location: Salvage Garage

Large French Oak Panels

Recycled Large French Oak Panels
These are perfect for tables.
Price: $600.00 + GST each
Location: Salvage Garage
Just 8 Left


Solid New French Oak
Quantity: 43m2
Price: was $205 /m2 + GST Now Only $140 /m2 + GST
Location: Salvage Garage

Spices Collection – Brushed Cinnamon

Solid French Oak, 100% sourced and made in France by craftsmen.
Solid New French Oak
Size: 220 x 20mm
Quantity: – 28 sqm
Price: was $258.00 /m2 + GST, NOW $199.00 /m2 + GST!!!
Location:  Salvage Garage

Recycled French Oak Parquetry Flooring

Recycled Romanian Oak Flooring
Parquetry Block
Size: 420 x 70 x 17 mm
Quantity: 7 m2 – more available upon order
Price: 300 /m2 + GST, supplied
Location: Salvage Garage

Antique German Parquetry

End Of Line Run Out Sale
Antique German Parquetry
Various sizes available.  Can be milled to specification.
Phone for further details.
Price: $290 sqm  + GST + Additional Freight
Location:  Salvage Garage

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Indian Mango Wood Boards

These boards have been salvaged from old government buildings from the colonial days of English rule.
Size: Up to 290mm wide, and 2m long
Price: $250.00 /m2 + GST, supplied
Location: Salvage Garage.

Dome-top Blackbutt Decking

Our Dome-top decking in Blackbutt, a Class 2 Australian Hardwood, is designed and milled for excellent water run-off, in even the wettest areas of Australia. Perfect for around pools, walkways, rainforests, public zones, standard decking projects, water cannot catch on this style of decking board- ever. [Read more…]