Spices Collection

The Spices Collection of floorboards are hand aged, with patina and oil applied in aged or brushed finish.  Available in solid and engineered, tongue and grooved on edges and ends.




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Species:  Oak
Finish:  Oil
Lengths:  700 to 2200 mm
Widths & Thickness:  14 mm thick  100/130/160 mm wide
Widths & Thickness:  20 mm thick  160/190/220 mm wide
Structure:  Solid

Species:  European Oak
Finish:  Oil
Lengths:  700-2200 mm
Widths & Thickness:  16/4mm thick 185/200/220 mm wide
Widths & Thickness:  21/6mm thick 185/200/220 mm wide
Structure:  Engineered

Colours Available (view pictures below)
Cinnamon Aged     Cinnamon Brushed   Coriander Aged    Coriander Brushed  Cumin Aged
Cumin Brushed      Pepper Aged             Pepper Brushed   Piminto Aged           Pimento Brushed

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