Samantha Ogilvie

samantha-ogilvie-1-lg2.jpgThis project called for our beautiful, re-milled Recycled French Oak Parquetry, in Chevron pattern, known throughout Europe as ‘Point de Hongrie’.

The Client was searching for a classic, natural, and upmarket floor, to complement their own business style and philosophy.

The Parquetry block was installed on a prepared and waterproofed concrete surface, sanded back, coloured with Whittle Waxes natural colours, and sealed with Whittle Waxes hard wax oils. Installation by Nils Boyes from New Order Flooring.

We brought in from our supplier in France, 600/500m x 80mm x 22mm re-milled Recycled French Oak, which was re-milled from 200+ years old Recycled French Oak Post & Beam material, salvaged from an old industrial building in regional France.