Recycled Architectural Timber

Posts and Beams add strength and character to your project both inside and out. Salvage offers a large range of Hardwood and Recycled Timber salvaged from Old Buildings, Wharves and Industrial Buildings. All timbers are meticulously hand selected, metal detected, de-nailed and re-milled to Architectural Specifications.

Salvage has a selection of remarkable large recycled timber which can be used to construct post and beam structures with stunning trusses and feature beams. Rare wide board flooring that produces an exceptional patina and creates a timeless ambiance for any room. Custom pieces are available for mantles, bench tops, bars or stairs. It is the Salvage ethos to focus on the reuse the timbers of the past to protect our forests for the future.

Post and Beam Timbers can be sanded and pre-finished to request and delivered to your building site. Engineers Certificate can be supplied and we also have builders skilled with working with the large timbers if needed. Joinery Facilities are available to pre-cut any specialty items I.E. notches, details etc.

Hardwood beams offer many benefits including their structural strength, a natural resistance to termites and their beauty. Applications include exposed interior beams, pergolas, outdoor structures, barns and garden features.

Hardwood Flooring

Salvage has a selection of French Oak Parquetry that will create not only a stunning aged look but also give your home or business character from it’s noble history. The letter block and patterned square styles are produced from Vintage Wine Barrels and are available in sizes from 300 x 60 x 12 mm up to 600 x 90 x 12. These Vintage Oak Wine Barrels are excellent seasoned wood which have been transformed into magnificent hardwood parquetry floors.

Also available are Original French Oak Floors that have been salvaged from Historical French Buildings. These grand patterns can be relayed “as is” for an original Patina and finishing is done with shellacs and waxes that revive these old floors into elegant floors once again.

Timber flooring is our specialty, we have a wide range of wide board and imported flooring that will add warmth and richness to any project. Salvage offers a specialized range of flooring featuring new and recycled wideboard and unique timbers. Our selection of flooring includes wideboard Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Ironbark and French Oak from 150 mm to 250.

Salvage seeks out recycled and rare hardwood that have been salvaged from old bridges, wharfs and buildings. Recycled Timber brings a stunning and rich appearance to your cladding, deck, flooring, stair treads and bench tops. Polished hardwood flooring is sought after because of it’s rich and warm ambience. Recycled Timber allows the ever growing demand for hardwood flooring to be achievable and we presently wholesale nationally and export to the U.S.

Whether you prefer recycled or new, we can help you choose the right timber for your space to create a floor that will become a magnificent feature.

Architectural Antiques and Furniture

Architectural Antiques add charm and creates inspiration for your interior and outdoor designs. Beautiful yet aged elements have a history and a strength and when they are combined with smooth and luxurious essentials it creates a harmony between traditional and contemporary styles.

The Salvage ethos focuses on finding rare and magnificent architectural antiques that have been long forgotten and placing them into traditional Australian homes. Re-using and restoring these exquisite pieces can bring an added element of grandeur into a home, business or new construction project.

Entrance Doors that create a extraordinary entrance way, chandeliers that have been hung in palaces in South America and original French Parquetry Ball Room Floors can all be found at Salvage. Whether you are looking for a new collectable piece, garden plinth, water feature or outdoor setting, Salvage has an extensive range of rare and majestic items to browse through.