Rose Bay

Rose BayOur beautiful Recycled Re-milled French Oak Flooring, in 180mm x 20mm T&G, was selected for this beautiful new home project in stunning Rose Bay, Sydney.

The flooring was sourced from our supply partners in France. 220-240mm original Oak joists were selected, which were originally used in the construction of a warehouse, grain store and shop front, in Lyon, in approximately 1840. As a result of requiring demolition due to structural concerns externally, all internal timbers, sourced entirely from French Oak, were salvaged and retained, and brought to our Mill facility in North East France.

The joists were de-nailed in France. We imported them upon ordering of the floor by our Client, whereupon we brought them to Melbourne, had them metal detected, sawn into planks, and then run through our milling machines to create the T&G flooring. Lengths are between 1.4m and 3.0m. End clipped.

The flooring was installed late in the project, sanded and filled, colour toned to the Client’s brief, and given 2 coats of matte grade hard wax oil.

This project was nominated for a Construction and Design award, as well as an Interior Design Award for hard finishes, including our amazing French Oak Floor!