Recycled French Oak Cladding

Our Recycled French Oak cladding is sourced a number of ways, from our travels through France:

1.  The exposed face of post & beam material, which has been cut from the beam to create our re-milled, Recycled French Oak flooring.

2.  External and internal wall cladding, carefully salvaged from the Industrial Forest by our partners.

3.  The top face of Antique French Oak Flooring, re-milled to create a new face to old floorboards, with the Original Patina preserved and renewed.

All of our Recycled French Oak Cladding is a minimum of 100 years old, sometimes up to 330 years in age, is offered to the market in random width, length and thickness, with a minimum thickness of 10mm for durability, maximum normally 23-25mm.

An amazing, historically rich addition to any design element or idea, Retail, Hospitality, Fireplace, Feature Wall, “Man Land”, Bar Front, Covered External Feature, the list and possibility is truly endless.

We can perform extra milling works here in Australia if required for a bespoke finish. Large quantities in stock now $POA.