Professional Office Cairns

Professional Office CairnsSalvage Group supplied a professional services office in Cairns with this recently sourced pack of Recycled Blackbutt, which was salvaged from a former car servicing garage in Toowoomba, Queensland, the first car servicing garage built in that city. Based on the age of the original building, these beams have been seasoning in situ at the garage for over 85 years.

The original beams were 300mm x 300mm in size. The Client requested they be brought back to 200mm x 200mm, and simply dressed with a very small bevelled edge. Underneath the main beams is a clever shadow line, created by a recessed plank made from the leftover materials after reduction in size at the Mill. This offers a cool, dark line of delineation between the floor covering and the first horizontal line of beams.

Pre-oiled at our Mill, sent to the Client’s joinery for pre-assembly works, and then fitted with natural timber lugs on site, the beams were given another coating of natural oil after installation.

This is a great example of Salvage’s ability to source interesting timbers with rich history for bespoke projects from all over Australia, Europe and elsewhere abroad.