Hunters Hill

Recycled French Oak Bench TopOur Hunters Hill Monster! This bespoke kitchen bench top, is a combined length of 7.1m. A huge, 1 piece laminated bench top, 5.3m long, and a return bench top of 1.8m, both 600mm wide and 50mm thick.

The long piece was made from over 20 pieces of our beautiful 250 year old, Recycled French Oak, in total, over 26 pieces of Oak. Carefully metal detected, de-nailed, dressed, laminated (joined), then filled, sanded, brushed and coloured with a secret oiling formula, followed by 3 coats of sealing oil.

Delivered carefully in a massive, custom-made skid, expertly handled into the home by our Team of Installers. We are really proud of this one, and we are proud of our joinery partner’s Team at Colonial Restorations, Eagle Farm, Brisbane, the site of our Brisbane Showroom. Mark and his Team crafted this, like they create all of our joinery works.

The Client is VERY happy with the finished result, we consulted with them for several months while getting the measurements and final weight of the bench top just right for their kitchen cabinetry. Email us today with your kitchen, bar or man cave bespoke project request, at