Haymes + Salvage

Salvage teamed up with Haymes Paint’s own Wendy Rennie, Internal Stylist at Haymes, for their new Catalogue, to create a visually stunning array of images featuring Haymes’ new ranges. Featuring styling by Ruth Welsby and photography by Martina Gemmola, Salvage Group provided our beautiful brushed French Oak Versailles panels, in a natural matte finish.

These Versailles panels have been created by our partners in Europe, come in sizes varying from 590mm, 726mm, 866mm and 1000mm, all 19mm thick. The classic Versailles pattern is just one of many patterns available. They are supplied Unfinished, and can be given any bespoke colour and sealing works desired. Enquire via our ‘Contact Salvage’ page.

The brilliant colour palette of Haymes, combined with modern and retro internal theming, contrast and compliment beautifully with the timeless nature of classically coloured Versailles French Oak.

Haymes Colour LibraryHaymesCollaborte-smHaymes Timesless