Antique European Baltic Pine Flooring

We salvage our antique European Baltic pine flooring from barns and industrial buildings across Europe. This is a wood with much character, and is available brushed, bleached, or dressed clean for a variety of unique finishes. Our boards often come in widths up to 300mm.

Recycled Burmese Teak

We salvage our reclaimed Burmese teak from the ruins of temples in Southern India. Teak is a hard and durable wood that is resistant to moisture and exposure to the elements. These features make teak ideal for outdoor use and areas of extreme moisture. Salvage Group offers teak in its natural form, wire brushed, or bleached. The wood is suitable for flooring, paneling, or decking.

New American Walnut Flooring

Salvage Group can supply American Walnut floorboards either raw or pre-finished. Pre-­finished boards are coloured by hand and put through a high-­tech finishing process in which boards are sealed, coated, and dried using UV light. The boards are then sanded back to increasingly finer levels and re-­finished.   This process is completed seven times producing a low-­sheen, extremely hard wearing surface that is highly scratch resistant and requires minimal maintenance.