Dome-top Blackbutt Decking

Our Dome-top decking in Blackbutt, a Class 2 Australian Hardwood, is designed and milled for excellent water run-off, in even the wettest areas of Australia. Perfect for around pools, walkways, rainforests, public zones, standard decking projects, water cannot catch on this style of decking board- ever.

The 22/23/22mm thickness x 140mm width construction, allows for immediate water flow off the face of the board. The multiple ridges milled into the board underneath allow constant airflow between decking board and the joist that it is connected to, preventing even very long term deterioration or rotting of either the decking plank or the joist.

Blackbutt is generally a creamier coloured hardwood versus Ironbark or Spotted Gum, so for the project requiring some colouring of the decking prior to oiling, our Blackbutt is perfect for this type of project.

Sourced from registered and managed State Forestry Department plantation forests in South East Queensland and Northern NSW. Arguably the best designed and milled decking board on the market today. Enquire and order at