Recycled Montana Snow Fencing

Recycled Montana Snow Fencing is salvaged from old avalanche fencing in Montana USA. This beautiful silvered material is bleached from over 30-50 years exposure to the sun.




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Recycled French Oak Cladding

Our Recycled French Oak cladding is sourced a number of ways, from our travels through France:

1.  The exposed face of post & beam material, which has been cut from the beam to create our re-milled, Recycled French Oak flooring.

2.  External and internal wall cladding, carefully salvaged from the Industrial Forest by our partners.

3.  The top face of Antique French Oak Flooring, re-milled to create a new face to old floorboards, with the Original Patina preserved and renewed.

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Recycled Australian Hardwood Horse Stud Fencing

We currently have a large stock (approx 15,000 Lm ) of 125 x 38 Recycled mixed hardwood available (random length), this timber is between 50 to 70 years old.

Can be supplied to meet specific order amounts.
There are a number of different finishes to be purchased:
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Australian Northern Coastal Hardwoods

We sourced Recycled Spotted Gum for this entry foyer feature in the head office of one our great Australian Breweries. 240mm x 20mm, shiplap profile, rough sawn finish, pre-oiled with 2 coats of the best available natural timber oil, and another coat on site.

We can source Red Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Grey Box, Brush Box, occasional Recycled Australian Pine species, and sometimes Tallowwood and Messmate. Internal or external features, often sourced with a great story of their own, before we turn them into a great story for your project.

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Recycled Baltic Pine Barn Cladding

We have access to large quantities of this amazing cladding. Wide boards between 230mm and 300mm, deeply rich patina, very easily applied to a wall with powered staples, lengths between 0.9m and 2.6m. A choice of the exposed face of the planks, or the more varied colour of the underside of the board.

This original parcel came to us from our supply partners in France. It is Birch, a type of conifer or pine, so it is a soft wood. Heavily seasoned after over 100 years of mild European Summers and bitterly cold Winters, in Northern Austria.

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