Australian Hardwood Posts & Beams

At Salvage, we can source all manner of Recycled, Reclaimed and New Australian Northern Coastal Hardwoods, and work them into a beautiful and durable internal or external feature for your project, large or small.

These Recycled Blackbutt beams have been salvaged and extracted from their original location, and then sanded, gouged and oiled to bring new life to old wood.

Specialising in Red Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Tallowwood, Blackbutt, Grey Box, Brush Box, and the occasional one-off parcel in other species, Salvage can re-mill and re-work the wood to create anything your project requires. Email us at, to find out what we can do for you, as we re-create amazing timbers from the Industrial Forest.

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Professional Office Cairns

Salvage Group supplied a professional services office in Cairns with this recently sourced pack of Recycled Blackbutt, which was salvaged from a former car servicing garage in Toowoomba, Queensland, the first car servicing garage built in that city. Based on the age of the original building, these beams have been seasoning in situ at the garage for over 85 years.

The original beams were 300mm x 300mm in size. The Client requested they be brought back to 200mm x 200mm, and simply dressed with a very small bevelled edge. Underneath the main beams is a clever shadow line, created by a recessed plank made from the leftover materials after reduction in size at the Mill. This offers a cool, dark line of delineation between the floor covering and the first horizontal line of beams.
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Australian Northern Coastal Hardwoods

We sourced Recycled Spotted Gum for this entry foyer feature in the head office of one our great Australian Breweries. 240mm x 20mm, shiplap profile, rough sawn finish, pre-oiled with 2 coats of the best available natural timber oil, and another coat on site.

We can source Red Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Grey Box, Brush Box, occasional Recycled Australian Pine species, and sometimes Tallowwood and Messmate. Internal or external features, often sourced with a great story of their own, before we turn them into a great story for your project.

Contact us at, for your feature Australian Hardwood Feature Cladding.

French Pine Beams

Large quantity of antique reclaimed pine (“sapin”) beams in good condition.
Antique pine flooring also available – see Lot 1369
Lot No:  828
Approx Lengths:  5 to 12 metres
Approx Sections:  150 x 200mm, 170 x 300 mm, 200 x 200 mm, 200 x250 mm, 200 x27 mm

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Antique French Oak Boards

These antique French Oak Floor Boards have been reclaimed from the Romorantin Textile Mill in France Cicra 1903; it was also known as the Matra Racing Car Factory.
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Recycled Australian Hardwood Beams

Recycled Australian Hardwood Beams are available in all sizes on request [Read more…]

Recycled French Oak Beams

Recycled French Oak Beams 300 Years Old.  Reclaimed from an old grainery. [Read more…]

Post and Beam

We are heavy timber specialists. We have a huge range of French oak post and beams. These beams can be provided with an original patina or resawn and redressed into particular customer requirements.

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Recycled Montana Snow Fencing

Recycled Montana Snow Fencing is salvaged from old avalanche fencing in Montana USA. This beautiful silvered material is bleached from over 30-50 years exposure to the sun.




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Bench Tops

Recycled French Oak Bench Tops made to order.

We have large quantities of wide recycled French Oak Timber suitable for bench tops and table tops.

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