Bespoke French Oak Doors

This bespoke French Door Set was designed by our Client, with input from the Team at Salvage, and Mark at Colonial Restorations, and a local ironmonger. It was created from our current parcel of 325 year old Recycled French Oak, sourced from a former granary in southern France. Tempered glass was used to create strength and security, and cleverly discreet insulation to buffer between the glass panels and the steel feature grills. The steel grills were finished in antique black with silver, and include unique pyramid-shaped steel feature pieces.
The French Door Set was framed completely in Recycled French Oak, and delivered as a ready-to-install set. Stained to the Client’s wishes and sealed with hard wax oils, it is a world one-off. For your own one-in-the-world architectural feature project, email us today at  .

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