Balgowlah, Sydney, NSW

This project, commissioned by a kitchen manufacturer for their residential project Client, called for our beautiful 250 year old Recycled French Oak beams, sourced directly from France.

A monster, 2.0m x 2.0m island kitchen bench top, and then later in the project, the Client requested a 2.5m x 600mm office desk top, complete with bespoke cable hole. Both bench tops were cut to our standard 40mm finished thickness, and softened beautifully with a 3mm pencil round on each edge and corner.

The beams were metal detected, de-nailed, ripped and then dressed. They were laminated, wire brushed and then given a bespoke colouring treatment, matching a particular colour palette the Client wanted. 3 x coats of special hard wax oil, the favourite of our joinery partner, top and (and in italics, can’t use that here) bottom, and the bench top and desk top were ready for specialised crating and transport from our joinery partner’s premises in Brisbane (the site of our emerging new Showroom in Brisbane), direct to site.

French Oak perfection by French Oak Australia (National) and Colonial Restorations (Eagle Farm, Brisbane).

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