Authentic and Textured Authentic Collections

The Authentic Collection is built on Europe’s past and present use of local (European) oak. It gets to the core of what is now the mainstay of European wood flooring. It was the wood in barns that first aged and darkened in reaction to the livestock living inside. The same natural process is reached by what we now call ‘smoking’. Whitewashing with lime started as a way to brighten and give barns a ‘clean’ and even look. Today we use different combinations of these genuine processes to create the honest flooring in the Authentic Collection.


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Naturally appealing
The flooring in the Authentic Collection is a modern interpretation of THE traditional European floor plank, preserving its natural appeal and character. The collection is suitable for use in all project catagories.

Vintage ageing Textured Collection
It’s possible to give the products in this collection an ‘ageing treatment’, to add the beautiful patina of timeworn flooring: distressed edges and surface irregularities for a lived-in, vintage feel. Available at your request as a surface treatment and an edge treatment to sides and ends.

Species: European oak
Finish: Prime, Premier 1-bis, Premier 1-bis R&Q, Nature, Rustic A, Rustic, Character, Classical, Colonial
Finish: Oil
Surface texture: Smooth
Planks Lengths: 1790/1970/2100/2220/2470mm (5’11” / 6’6″ / 6’11” / 7’3″ / 7’11” / 8’1″)
Herringbone lengths: 85mm x 510mm (3 3/8 x 20 1/16″), 142mm x 710mm (5 9/16″ x 27 15/16″), 180mm x 1080mm (7″ x 42 1/2″)
Herringbone grades*: Prime, Premier 1-bis, Rustic A, Rustic, Classical
Structure: Engineered
Widths: 142/180/240mm (5 9/16″ / 7″ / 9½”)
Thickness: 15/20mm (5/8” / 3/4″)
Structure: Engineered

Colours Available (view pictures below)
Genuine                Genuine Texture       Honest                  Honest Texture      Noble
Noble Texture        Original                    Original Texture     Pure                      Pure Texture
Real                      Real Texture             Sincere                 Sincere Texture     True
True Texture         Worthy                      Worthy Texture