Recycled Architectural Timber

Posts and Beams add strength and character to your project both inside and out. Salvage offers a large range of Hardwood and Recycled Timber salvaged from Old Buildings, Wharves and Industrial Buildings. All timbers are meticulously hand selected, metal detected, de-nailed and re-milled to Architectural Specifications.

Salvage has a selection of remarkable large recycled timber which can be used to construct post and beam structures with stunning trusses and feature beams. Rare wide board flooring that produces an exceptional patina and creates a timeless ambiance for any room. Custom pieces are available for mantles, bench tops, bars or stairs. It is the Salvage ethos to focus on the reuse the timbers of the past to protect our forests for the future.

Post and Beam Timbers can be sanded and pre-finished to request and delivered to your building site. Engineers Certificate can be supplied and we also have builders skilled with working with the large timbers if needed. Joinery Facilities are available to pre-cut any specialty items I.E. notches, details etc.

Hardwood beams offer many benefits including their structural strength, a natural resistance to termites and their beauty. Applications include exposed interior beams, pergolas, outdoor structures, barns and garden features.